“I’d rather be a coach than a critic any day” -Marion W.

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is...

...not so different than a guide. Sometimes we lose our way or find ourselves in unfamiliar territory and need someone who knows the landscape to help us navigate to where we want to be.

Coaching isn’t therapy or advice. Its more like having a disinterested, or non-emotionally involved, third party that challenges broken belief systems and old ideas that don't work anymore.

A good coach is about brining out the best in people. This implies that the best of you is already in you, right now. Maybe you just need a guide to help you to a place where you can see that too.

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Johnny Robbins Coaching

JR Coaching cultivates...

...a trechnique called Elevated Living via Integrated Spirituality (ELvIS). Which is just a fancy way of saying "practical spirituality." Because, let's face it, if spirituality isn't practical in a way that touches every area of our lives, it's not really doing anything for us. We all enjoy the lifted-up feeling of being on a mountain top. But ELvIS is more about everyday contentment. If you'd like to learn more, fill out a consultation request and we'll set up a time to talk.

Not a spiritual person? That's ok. The only thing required to reap the benefits of ELvIS is an open mind and a willingness to give things a try. If it doesn't work for you, there's a full money-back guarantee.

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What's Different About JR Coaching?

JR Coaching is about telling you what you NEED to hear...

...not what you WANT to hear. This is oftentimes uncomfortable and is understandably resisted and avoided. But, if we're going to get anywhere new, old ideas and delusions have to be smashed and abandoned. Then, we can uncover, discover, and discard those parts of yourself that no longer serve you and allow the answers that were always a part of you take over.

JR Coaching is planned obsolescence. Meaning, if we've done good work together, you won't need or even want a coach anymore. Learning to trust yourself and your instincts is exactly where we want to be. From time to time some may find it helpful to check in, but one of our goals is to build a fellowship and a community around you that you can turn to instead of relying upon a coach

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